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Title: Vector Linux 6.0 Light LIVE Beta 4 is available for testing.
Post by: nightflier on August 13, 2009, 09:27:31 pm
The Vector Linux team is happy to announce the release of a Live version of VL6.0-Light.

This version is intended for those who want to test before installing, or as a live toolbox for troubleshooting and/or repair. For the adventurous, you have the option to install to your hard drive, modify it to your liking, and creating your very own, personalized Live CD. Just use the icons on the desktop.

Get your ISO here:
md5sum check: d39ee3862f256648f4d8318e89426860  VL6.0-Light-LIVE-B4.iso
Password is "vector".

Known issues: The CDROM icon on desktop does not work correctly. After install, you have to edit /etc/fstab manually to enable proper operation of optical drive. If installing to an existing partition, make sure to format it. Otherwise, existing files may interfere with your new installation.

Your donation of your time and effort is much appreciated. Please report bugs/feedback here: