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Title: Install failed.
Post by: dima on November 25, 2009, 03:14:55 am
First of all keep in mind - english my not native language.

1) I did try to install the "VL6.0-STD-Gold" from FAT16 partition. The problem is loader display quickly many many dots and then reboot my FreeDOS everytime. One year before by the same method I did successful boot the ZipSlack and Pygmylinux.

2) GUI installer won't run. As I remember, there is something wrong with initrd. MD5 checksum correct!

Only thanks to console installer I did install the VL.

Hardware info: CPU iP II 350 MHz, motherboard GA6BA 440BX, a brand new DVD-RW NEC, nVidia quadro NVS280 PCI.