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Title: Arguments in favor of linux.
Post by: Daniel on December 30, 2009, 07:30:18 pm
If someone asks you for some reasons to use linux, here are some interesting facts about linux that you could use in addition to speed, security, etc...

The world runs on linux.

Google runs on linux. runs on linux.
The world's fastest supercomputer (the IBM Roadrunner I think) runs on linux.

Other neat things about linux:

Linux will the the first operating system to support USB 3.0.
Linux has 32 percent of the market share of netbooks.
Jolicloud, a new cloud-oriented linux netbook distro has full support provided for Intel's GMA500 graphics chipset which is used on leading Atom-based netbooks. This support would allow netbooks to display 720P HD video which was something that previously was one of the last advantages of Windows on netbooks.
Title: Re: Arguments in favor of linux.
Post by: sledgehammer on December 30, 2009, 11:30:19 pm
All that may be.  I have no doubt.  But the main argument in favor of linux is that it has been developed honestly and fairly, traits far too rare in this modern world.


Title: Re: Arguments in favor of linux.
Post by: Deach on December 31, 2009, 05:55:55 am
While I totally agree, I'm afraid some just won't care about that. It's up to us to spread the word and help.  Although a total neewb to VL, I've run linux for over two years now.  *ok still a neewb there too* LOL , however I do try to help several friends and in other forums where possible.  And of course will here too if I can.  So far I must say, this distro has been both pretty user friendly and also the forms pretty helpful and friendly.  (not like my other distro I run), but both of course are by my choosing.  I"m still fighting a couple issues here but, I'm gonna hang in there cause the base runs so well on this old machine.  I'm working on getting VL on a second machine perhaps today. At any rate........Yes plenty of good reasons to run linux. 
Title: Re: Arguments in favor of linux.
Post by: never_stop_learning on December 31, 2009, 02:43:29 pm
Most consumers treat the computer as an appliance - nothing more - and have as much desire to learn how an OS actually works as they do learning refrigerator repair.....

As our existence has gotten irrevocably complicated (tried to fix a new car yourself lately?) consumers have been conditioned to accept their own 'dumbing down' - turn the appliance over to a 'factory authorized repair station' or buy a new one (planned obsolescence).....

Vector, and the Vector Community, seem dedicated to teaching users 'how to fish' and that is a very good thing. There are outstanding resources here (the community, forums, knowledge base, etc.) to help newbies and non-technical folks learn how to take back control of their computing experience. Hopefully, as more folks are exposed to Vector (and Linux in general) they will begin to question the validity of the current 'dumbed down' model.
Title: Re: Arguments in favor of linux.
Post by: sledgehammer on January 02, 2010, 11:55:19 am
Big Brothers/Big Sisters is one of the outfits who sponsors kids for Never_Stop Learning's Computer for Kids program. Several months ago, we gave one of these Computer-for-Kids computers, loaded with VL 6.0, to Sue (not her real name), a "Little."  Her "Big," Laura (also not her real name), does not use a computer, nor does anyone else in her family.  Sue, 13 years old, does not have access to the internet at her home. When Sue picked up her computer, she was very tentative in, best I could tell, all aspects of computers, whatever the brand. I did not hold out any hope and figured the computer would soon become a door-stop.  Sue could not get online to access Stretchedthin's how-to videos. She had no one to help her.

I gather Sue got a used Lexmark (2600 if I recall) printer for Christmas.  She was unable to hook it up.  Laura called me and asked if I would try to help. I agreed and Sue and Laura came over, with computer and printer, a couple of days after Christmas.

When they got here, I was impressed at how much Sue knew about Vector Linux.  She had obviously spent hours and hours learning every aspect of VL 6.0 (including Blender and Simutrans, which we load on the computers before giving them out).  Actually "impressed" doesn't really capture the feelings I had when I saw how much Sue had learned.  "Amazed" is a better word.  Turned out the problem was no ink in the black cartridge.

Hate to admit it, but never_stop_learning is on to something here.


Title: Re: Arguments in favor of linux.
Post by: Deach on January 02, 2010, 12:06:46 pm
I have to agree.  While not having that experience in Vector *yet* I did have a similar debian experience a while back.  A laptop I had referbed and sent out had an issue or two.  The girl was some distance away.  She called me (16 years old) and I talked her thru root and apt-get and grep and several other commands and between us we got it fixed.  I was totally amazed how receptive she was to doing all of this.  She has gotten to know command line to some degree and even installs packages that way at times.  (usually calling me first).  Her whole family uses the box and the daughter is in charge of maintaining it. 

Even some of her friends have not expressed interest in learning a bit about "nix" and honestly I think it's wonderful .  I asked her a while back if she'd rather have M$ on it and she flat out said no, I like this, why change??  Maybe the generation to come will help us along in spreading the word. 
Title: Re: Arguments in favor of linux.
Post by: haywire on January 04, 2010, 12:53:35 am
I think one way to turn people on to linux is just show them what you can do. I laugh when my friends watch my desktop, with compiz.

I also show them besides linux programs, I am running dos, windows and amiga os programs almost seemlessly. I show them a full windows xp in a linux window while running compiz, video players, mp3 players, old amiga demo programs and more.

Its funny to watch their expression. Most say "I didn't know linux was that good." = Hell yes it is, and always getting better.

I have some older pc's to my nice and nephew. They both could care less if its windows or linux, so long as they can get facebook, youtube
and their email, which is web based (gmail) Sometimes I put some games or something else they ask for on it. Both of them have slowly become
very profecient in at least working the basics of vector, my nephew even figured out how to install his own games and stuff from gslapt.

Occasionally, he cries about some windows game he can't run, but I explained thats more a problem of old slow hardware and not linux itself.
I told him if he learns more, I'll upgrade his box to something better, we'll see. The learning curve for linux is not as bad as it once was. I think people are not only interested in windows/mac alternatives, they are looking for them!

I hope more people use linux, it means more apps and developers for linux. Remember, not long ago people said "Linux will never make it on the desktop."
How wrong they were!


Title: Re: Arguments in favor of linux.
Post by: blurymind on January 08, 2010, 02:28:12 pm
It's open source and that it's natural trait that helps it evolve so quickly. Everyone who uses it, makes it better by giving feedback,bug testing, and coding. And lately, all the big fish are using and selling it. Google being the major one soon.