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Title: quad core vector machines, questions about performance...
Post by: haywire on April 03, 2010, 11:00:43 pm
I have a 3.0ghz hyperthreading pc for my vector box now.

It was having some problems and I thought I might have to replace it.
If I replaced it I was thinking of getting a quad core box.

I am running windows xp with virtualbox, and on this 3.0 ghz box it
seems just a tad slow, like a bit below the you can really use it alot
comfortably level if you know what I mean?

I am wondering if anyone has a quad core machine and you run winxp in
virtualbox, how is the performance and is it worth the upgrade?
I would like to not need a seperate windows computer if at all possible.
It may be passable on this box, but I was wondering if getting a quad
core would help me see a big difference in performance and or responsiveness
of the virtualized winxp.

I'd appreciate any thoughts on this, especially from someone who is doing winxp
in virtualbox. Also, any tips on increasing performance and responsiveness of
my virtualized xp, I'd sincerely appreciate. If I can get it tweaked a bit maybe
this box is fine for what I'd need it for (graphics apps, word, and some other stuff)

Thanks for your thoughts...