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Title: HOWTO install Opera 11 using Opera's installer
Post by: roarde on January 11, 2011, 09:26:13 pm
From (, select Slackware for
distribution and tar.gz for package format. Download. I like a fresh
directory for this.

Note: If you're not downloading it from a linux box, you'll need to select
"other versions" and navigate from there.

Extract all files with full path. Your desktop should handle this just by 
(double-)clicking on the file. Open the new directory, and start a terminal
(xterm, konsole . . .) from within that directory. In the terminal, do
Code: [Select]
(enter root password)

Press enter for "OK". Says "Please choose an installation directory . . .".
Though it's ok to use the default, that's not the standard place for VL
package binaries. So in the box, put
and choose OK to proceed.

The next screen explains itself. Read it and make a choice. Myself, I take
the default by leaving the box empty and selecting OK.

You should see "Verifying package.... . . . done
                Installing files.... . ..   done
Then "Opera has been installed successfully." You may want to make a note to
yourself about how to run the Widget Manager and how to uninstall. Select

Remember that some window manager installations should have their menus
"manually" updated at this point. Since you already had an Opera version at
/usr/bin, your current entry should work, but updating if your wm needs it
is a good thing.

Should work fine. If so, please drop a line to Opera and let them know you
appreciate their consideration of Slackware users.
Title: Re: HOWTO install Opera 11 using Opera's installer
Post by: Vink8 on January 21, 2011, 05:08:32 pm
I appreciate your 'effort of simplicity',
so please have patience.

As I asked inside ( (

why installing a new VL 7 with 'old' packages version and then taking care of an upgrade, instead of 'making' a more updated, amended version packages and so create a more 'qualitative' version of VL7, from which, really "Getting started"?

Please Note: As example, Opera Packager: vl70@vector.Linux.vnet on 22-Jul-2010
 (read the date? Is almost the same for many software.)

Now who is responsible for maintenance of Vector repository?

Who is the 'good packager' that will provide an update (with my suggestion and appreciation)
before the next update?

Share nice idea!
Title: Re: HOWTO install Opera 11 using Opera's installer
Post by: nightflier on January 21, 2011, 06:25:30 pm
The HOWTO section is not intended for discussions, please post questions in the appropriate place.

That said.. software development is rapid. There are daily changes. In development, each change is tested. You can not just drop in the latest package the day of the release and hope for the best. So there will be updates available from day one.

Then there is the availability of developers and their time. Unfortunately there are not enough resources to cover all the bases. This may be a good opportunity for you to join the team. ;)