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Title: HOWTO install a Brother HL-2040 laser printer
Post by: no2thesame on January 14, 2007, 01:13:10 am
To install a Brother HL-2040 laser printer in Vector Linux SOHO 5.1.1 on the parallel port:

1.If you haven't already done so:
Attach the parallel cable to the printer and the Parallel port and ensure it fits snugly.
Insert the Power cable. Turn the power on. (switch at right side near the back)
Press Go for a printer test page so you know if the printer itself is OK and the cartridge is in correctly fitted.

2. On your Vector KDE desktop while you are on the web
Open the Konsole (from the main menu) and type:
   su   (and supply the root password)
   cd /usr/share/ppd/
   mkdir Brother
      cd Brother/
      wget -c
(it will copy the driver from the web to your newly-made Brother directory)
   /etc/rc.d/init.d/cups restart
(CUPS will restart and find your new driver)

3. Add the Printer by going to the main menu:
V > Control Center > Peripherals > Printers
   Click on "Administrator Mode" (bottom-left of box - supply root password)
   Change "Print System currently used:" to CUPS (bottom-right)
   Click "Add"  (top-right) > Add Printer/Class
Complete the Wizard as follows (change as needed for your system)   
   Local Port Selection: Parallel Port #1 >Next
   Printer Model Selection: Brother  then  HL-2040 hl1250 >Next
   Printer Test: Test   (it should work after a pause)
   Settings (yours may be different) Page size: A4, Resolution: 600DPI, Toner Saving: Low (25%) >next
   Banner Selection: (no changes) >next
   Printer Quota Settings (no changes) >next
   User Access Settings: (no changes) >next
   General Information: Name:laser Location: (left blank) Description: BROTHER HL-2040 hl1250 >next
   Confirmation: > Finish  > OK

I then printed a page from OOo Writer, which worked perfectly. Abiword too!

The reason that I wrote this up is that it has taken me 2 days and 5 reinstalls of Vector (the last one was just to ensure the system was clean)!

Things to do
- Use KDE's Printing Manager (not CUPS administration)
- Go to the LinuxPrinting .org Brother HL-2040 listing at
- follow the link to the PPD file for Brother HL-2040 at  (this is where you got your ppd (PostScript Printer Description) file from.

Things to AVOID (from my experience):
- Brothers drivers: I downloaded both the LPR and CUPSwrapper files from Brother and using the rpm2tgz technique as recommended at this post and used the F2 commands in Midnight Commander to install them.It mangled my system so badly I could not do anything but log out then I could not log in again except as root. I couldn't even log into new users I created as root.

- F2 commands in Midnight Commander too. I did it from the command line the third time round they installed well but I still couldn't print.

- CUPS Printer Administration: Besides being confusing, it did not work for me.

Hope this helps
Title: Re: HOWTO install a Brother HL-2040 laser printer
Post by: JohnB316 on January 14, 2007, 07:52:16 am

Thanks for posting this. This goes to show that there can be many ways to do the same thing in Linux, namely setting up a printer that could otherwise be a pain to do. ;-)