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Title: [solved] firefox page source and back button
Post by: MarkGrieveson on May 10, 2012, 09:52:26 am
Hello.  Didn't Firefox used to have a means to view the page source?  I can't find it on this version of Firefox (11.0-i586-1vl70, from VL-7.0).  

[later edit] I did find this.  They moved it from View to Tools. [/later edit]

Also, the back button arrow doesn't have a little down arrow beside it that allows a user to go selectively back several pages at once if he/she so wishes, which was present when I formerly used Firefox/Iceweasel in Debian.  Granted, I could open up the entire history dialogue, but I'd prefer to just have that little down-arrow beside the back-button arrow, because it's much simpler and less cluttered.

Anyway, for the above cited functionality of Firefox, is there something I can install to add this?

[later edit] I also did find this, thanks to a quick search on (  Seems all I have to do is right-click on the back-button, and this produces the list.  People are always changing stuff....  [/later edit]