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Title: [solved] sharing files w/ Android system
Post by: MarkGrieveson on April 02, 2013, 06:21:33 pm
Hello.  Someone gave me a Coby Kyros Internet Tablet (MID7015-4G).  I attached it to my computer via the USB cord, but Vector did not immediately recognize the drive.  Instead, I had to click some things on the tablet to mount something, at which point THEN something showed up on the Vector desktop (identified as a 2.9 GB file system).  I used Thunar to check it out, but I couldn't find some of the files (IE, two video files) that I know are on the Kyros thingy.  

So, I'm not sure exactly sure what I'm asking.  I'm just weirded out that it did not act like most media that I've attached to my Vector computer via USB.  I'm wondering how I can share files between the devices if I can't even find some of the files.  

See screenshot.

PS, I still can't figure out what the appeal of tablets are.  I'm hoping actually having one will enlighten me.  If anyone has any tips for working with this thing, do share.  Since Android is supposedly a form of Linux, can I install Linux source programs on it?
Title: Re: sharing files w/ Android system
Post by: MarkGrieveson on April 02, 2013, 08:51:24 pm
Okay, I think I solved this.  Apparently there was another thingy that the tablet had to mount for the rest of the files on the tablet to show up on my computer (admittedly I find this weird since, in the past, it was usually the computer that would have to mount the devices, rather than the reverse as seems the case here).  Anyway, I can now find the various media files that I had not been able to locate before.

I'm still not sure if Linux source programs can be installed on Android systems.  I'm guessing they cannot, however, due to Android lacking various GNU tools.  Anyway, my primary concern about sharing files seems to be solved.