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Title: Salix Rant
Post by: CrazyDog on September 05, 2013, 08:58:52 pm
So I tried Salix for about a month just to see what it was all about.  The distro was alright, but I came back to Vector.   :)
Title: Re: Salix Rant
Post by: overthere on September 06, 2013, 12:33:58 am
With desktop linux there is a good deal of choice to be sure. what works best for each seems to be the rule. Vector has so far just worked out of the box for me, for which I am ever grateful.

So what was the turning point. apps, connectivity, look and feel, ease of use, speed, just something more familiar. I seem to have found a comfort zone lacking in other distros I try.
Title: Re: Salix Rant
Post by: CrazyDog on September 06, 2013, 12:48:13 am
Hi overthere, and thank you for responding to my post.  I think it was the sense of community, if that makes sense.  I have asked some really stupid questions from time to time and here at Vector everyone is always helpful and polite.  Over at Salix, the main developer would often address my questions with sarcastic remarks.  He always seems to have a touch of hubris about him.  I'm not sure why.

As far as the distro goes - it is okay I guess.  I did learn from one member how to take a package and install it via pkgtool, which I had never done before.  That was fun and cool.  :)  The default browser needs some maturing I think.  They use Midori, but you can also use Firefox ESR.  So the distro is okay, maybe my expectations are too high.  I tend to get my feelings stepped on easily. :(
Title: Re: Salix Rant
Post by: overthere on September 06, 2013, 02:07:41 am
I am sure the crew would be happy to know you feel more at home here than else where.

understanding is what forums are really about, so there are no real stupid questions but frequent ones can discourage more seasoned users to be sure. occasionally feelings are hurt but confidence may be gained by sharing your knowledge with other new users allowing the folks in the know to field the harder ones, including yours.

Most distros can be what ever you like if you have the skill. I find vector already is what I like and hope you continue to think so as well.

Title: Re: Salix Rant
Post by: CrazyDog on September 06, 2013, 03:14:12 am
overthere, Vector was one of the first distros I tried, after my Ubuntu phase.  I remember back then I had frequent questions, probably too many to be sure.  In my opinion, Vector is the best distro I have ever tried, and the community is full of very talented people who don't mind sharing their advice.  It is appreciated more than they know.
Title: Re: Salix Rant
Post by: overthere on September 06, 2013, 07:58:05 pm
although the  ubuntu interface may be somewhat controversial I believe the concept is actually achieving what microsoft hoped to introduce first and failed to do in a timely and convincing fashion. My experience with ubuntu was earlier unfortunately, not entertaining out of the box and very brown.
Title: Re: Salix Rant
Post by: sledgehammer on September 06, 2013, 11:11:02 pm
The grass is always greener . . ..
Title: Re: Salix Rant
Post by: retired1af on September 07, 2013, 03:31:02 am
That's the problem with users today. They expect a shiny interface and lord help a duck if they have to do anything other than point and click.

I look at Ubuntu and see a distro driven by a dev with delusions of grandeur. Contrary to what Shuttleworth may think or believe, Ubuntu will never knock Windows from the perch of most commonly used OS. And if he manages to get Ubuntu to work just like Windows does, it will be its downfall as it'll be the most bloated and unwieldy OS out there.

Lord help a user if they fire up their computer and all they see is a blinking cursor next to something like C:\> 

Or worse yet, username:$

I cut my teeth on CPM, MS-DOS, AIX, and VMS. My first hands on Unix box was an AT&T 3B2.  Point and click? BAH! What's that? 

Users today don't know what a bad experience is. They think if they can't click on something and it doesn't work, the world is going to come to an end. Phooey!
Title: Re: Salix Rant
Post by: overthere on September 07, 2013, 07:51:23 am
Ok, I'll go with you. Computers are about as much use now as they where when the cursor sat there flashing. It was easier when there was only the one way to execute a program, ten people worked in your department where now it is only a multitasking receptionist, and that is an office not automated because the receptionist has not ask for more than the minimum wage and no benefits and is willing to share the days and pay with the bosses extramarital affair. computers really have improved the lives of those who create and sell them but no one has actually benefited domestically. mindless wastes of time are plentiful and should the computers all crash and burn we would see the benefit of greater employment to produce what is human desire and communicate with actual people rather than staring at our hands and tweeting things nobody needs to know while on hold waiting to talk to the man. cynicism
Title: Re: Salix Rant
Post by: Colonel Panic on April 11, 2014, 04:28:45 pm
I agree with you about the Salix community. Salix itself is a pretty decent distro from what I've seen of it but heaven help you if you try and do something like use a graphical application whilst logged in as root. The error messages are very sarcastic, along the lines of, "Wouldn't you rather be watching TV instead?"

I also agree that Midori's not stable enough to be used as a distro's main browser.
Title: Re: Salix Rant
Post by: CrazyDog on April 11, 2014, 07:45:22 pm
I tried out Midori back when I tried out Salix, and it would regularly close on me for no reason.  I quit Salix because of the community, not the product, and I didn't intend to bash the distro - which is okay.  I know I ask a lot of questions as I am still learning.  I am just glad that Vector is here and I hope everyone sticks around.  It seems like a lot of good distros are relegated to the dustbin when the lead devs leave.  Just hoping no one leaves......Vector rocks.