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Title: Vector 5.8 SOHO Final - as VMware Appliance
Post by: aakeg on May 26, 2007, 04:22:38 am
Introducing myself by announcing that I have just completed a VMare appliance build of the the latest
Vector 5.8 SOHO Final. (

I'm a registered contributor on the VMware Appliance Market Place and have presently 9 distros available there.
All totally free of course and can be used with the FREE WMware Player.

I'm not affiliated with VMware at all but a common user of their products.

If you want to try Vector Linux without dual-booting or running a LiveCD totally safe on production machines or
whatever this is the way to do it.

I must say I enjoyed being aquainted with Vector Linux and building the appliance. It's really a polished and highly
recommendable distro for all categories of users. It was really easy to set-up as an appliance which vouches for its
structure and guinine performance. No hickups or irregularities. Plain sailing. Well done and kudos Vector-gang!!

I have 9 Linux distros built as appliances on my site and close to 4000 appliances has been downloaded in
May alone.

You will find my appliances here: (

bagside is my main site but bagvapp is my registered domain which will soon be established on its own.

If you feel that this post should also belong under another topic on your forums please feel free to move it there.

With best regards from Oslo Norway.

/aakeg (aka deep_c and Ake Gustafsson)
Title: Re: Vector 5.8 SOHO Final - as VMware Appliance
Post by: uelsk8s on May 26, 2007, 05:45:57 am
Welcome to VL aakeg.

This is good news. It is great there is a Vmware appliance of VL now.
Thanks for the good work,