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Title: help me,pls
Post by: vectorhp on August 15, 2007, 09:46:40 pm
hello all,

i'm new user to linux. this is the first time i use linux. my knowledge on linux (so VL) is so little.  in using VL, i find some problems, help me, please

1)my computer has cdrom and cdwriter. when i insert CD, VL doesn't know cdrom or cdwriter. if CD is in cdrom, sometimes, VL opens      cdwriter

2)/dev/cdrom or /dev/cdrw never open, and so i always open CD via /mnt/cd, how can i make VL automically opens CD when i insert

3)my CD is always busy whenever i eject even if i close all application

4)what software is needed to open djvu file, and how to install it
                     thank all
Title: Re: help me,pls
Post by: exeterdad on August 16, 2007, 04:16:18 am
Hang in there vectorhp.

An expert will be along soon enough to assist you.  I haven't had your problem so I wouldn't know how to begin to help.
Title: Re: help me,pls
Post by: saulgoode on August 16, 2007, 06:28:51 am
I am not a Vector expert but I could suggest some things to investigate and you could post your results here.

First, what version of Vector do you have installed? (How to determine your VL version (

Also, if you could post the contents of your '/etc/fstab' file, it would help.

Post the output of the following command line:

(Those are lowercase "L"s, not "I"s.)

That information should provide a good start for one of the Vector experts to be able to assist you.