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Title: Vulture's eye/claw
Post by: Will on December 07, 2007, 09:33:30 am
Quote from: Wikipedia
Vulture's refers to two graphical versions of popular roguelike computer games.

Vulture's Eye is a graphical version of NetHack
Vulture's Claw is a graphical version of Slash'EM.
They both feature isometric graphics whereas the games they are based upon (NetHack and Slash'EM) are two-dimensional text-based games.

The Vulture's games are forks of the now dead Falcon's Eye project; over the standard Falcon's Eye base and the optional use of the Slash'EM core, Vulture's incorporates the latest core sources, hundreds more graphics and sounds, many bugfixes and performance enhancements, and an open, collaborative development environment.

In early April 2006, Vulture's 2.0.0 was released with a heavy rewrite of the old core. The game now works with true transparency, 24-bit color, and relies extensively on SDL for its core drawing routines.

The latest version is Version 2.1.0 and is available for MacOS, Unix, and Windows.

Download page: (

I'm not sure how droppable they would be off of the download site, but as a wayof conveniance it'd be nice to include the nethack love in the /games directory for 5.8/5.9