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Title: floppy install
Post by: boilertech on December 08, 2007, 08:48:49 am
I think I am missing something. I followed these steps;
4.5 Floppy Install

This method allows you to install VectorLinux using the VL CD (any edition) and two floppy disks. You may have to use this method if the target computer cannot boot from the CD (especially on older laptops). We assume that you already have the VectorLinux CD prepared and ready. You may use it to create the floppies on another Windows or a Linux host. Preparation on a Windows HOST is as follow:

    * Insert the CD into the drive, assumed to be drive D:
    * Launch a dos prompt
    * Insert blank floppy #1, enter this command:

      cd D:\install\rawrite
      Enter source file name: D:\install\floppy\bare.i
      Enter destination drive: A                   

      The bare.i is an kernel image file that supports IDE controller. If you have SCSI controller, use the scsi.s instead.
    * Take out floppy #1, Insert floopy #2, enter this command:

      Enter source file name: D:\install\floppy\rootdisk.img
      Enter destination drive: A

  I get an error because the is no file bare.i in \install\floppy. So i read the read me on the CD (5.8 standard)
!!! Vector Linux Floppy Images

This directory contains floppy disk image that can be raw-written
into a floppy disk. You need two images:
* bootdisk.img : linux kernel for booting
* rootdisk.img : Vector Linux generic install

The standard bootdisk image work for computer with IDE controller.
If you need other than those, you may get more from Slackware CDROM
or FTP site under /bootdisks directory, for example:
* bare.i : kernel with IDE capability.
* sata.s : kernal with IDE+SATA capability.
* scsi.s : kernel with IDE+SCSI capability.

(c) Vector Linux, 2004
By Kocil
Except there is no bootdisk.img  file either. The only file in \install\floppy is rootdisk.img and a readme file. Do I need to DL these files from some ware else? Maybe there is an updated floppy install direction some ware.
Title: Re: floppy install
Post by: JohnB316 on December 12, 2007, 02:25:36 pm
Hi, Boilertech!

You can get those floppy disk images from any Slackware mirror. I don't know where you're located, but one of the best mirrors is in the US at ( That URL will put you right into one of the main Slackware mirrors that is updated regularly.

Once you are there, go into the slackware-11.0 tree, then into bootdisks to find what you need. Apparently Slackware-11.0 is the last version of Slackware for which floppy bootdisk images are available, though they will work with whatever version of VL you want to install. To make it easier for you, here is that URL: (

Title: Re: floppy install
Post by: boilertech on December 12, 2007, 04:59:20 pm
Thanks for the help John.  8)