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Title: Just wondering
Post by: sledgehammer on February 02, 2008, 09:54:59 pm
I wonder sometimes if you folks that put out VectorLinux have any idea of the good you do.  And how much you affect others.

Just take my day today for example.  It was filled with Vector.  I went down to the office and replaced Fedora with VL 5.8 on one of the office machines.  Wrestled with the wireless and Basic Books, but all else went well. Project for tomorrow. Fedora, for my blood, is just too time consuming, always needing updating or some such. 

I then tried to load VL5.8 on two older Compaq machines for our Club and ran into soon as it started to write to the disk, it blew up.  Probably a fdisk problem and perhaps I can find the paper I wrote all that stuff on. Changing heads or something.  Every rare once in a while, CFdisk just doesn't do the trick. 

Then home to a family who was waiting for one of the volunteer Club machines....I gave them a Vector lesson (and our Club gave them a free computer).  When she got to try it, the girl who the computer was for immediately went to her page on MySpace. I suspect she could care less about much of anything else. But, though I was a bit disappointed, she was very happy.

Now to work, accessing on my Omnibook running 5.8. 

Perhaps one of the things that I most appreciate about Vector is its choice of software. This really opened my eyes.  I just don't have time to experiment with all that is out there and it was great that Vector had pretty much done that for me. (with a couple of exceptions, if its not on the testing, packages, extra or patches repositories, I pass it by).   Its easy compatibility with postgresql is wonderful.  It introduced me to Tea, a program I use more and more.  And though it didn't tell me about SimpleBackup, it nonetheless runs it well (once I figured out that the root partition wasn't big enough and changed SimpleBackup's /tem to my home directory).     

Anyway, again, thanks folks. You are giving the masses amazing quality for an even more amazing price (zero).  You are changing people's lives. Perhaps, sometimes when you are working late at night on some VL fix or improvement, it might be nice to know this.

Title: Re: Just wondering
Post by: Sivatheja on February 02, 2008, 10:37:14 pm
Yes guys all out there, VL is even making my day, it has been two weeks that I touched my windows machine at home. I cannot articulate my thoughts that well, but thanks a lot for what you guys have been doing.
Title: Re: Just wondering
Post by: Joe1962 on February 02, 2008, 10:52:14 pm
Its easy compatibility with postgresql is wonderful.
Thanks, as this is a personal pet project of mine. BTW, I have an 8.2.6 package pretty much ready and will upload it after a bit more testing. Dang, too much work lately keeping me from having fun with VL... >:(
Title: Re: Just wondering
Post by: sledgehammer on February 03, 2008, 02:55:21 pm
Got the wireless and Basic Books working on my bookkeeper's machine (with all the Fedora's BB data loaded) before the Superbowl.  Just barely.

Title: Re: Just wondering
Post by: caitlyn on February 03, 2008, 03:10:50 pm
Just wondering why it's still 5.8.  I really do like 5.9.
Title: Re: Just wondering
Post by: sledgehammer on February 03, 2008, 08:17:46 pm
Go Giants!  New England should have been disqualified this year and so all the better that they lost.  I will try 5.9 in a year or so.  Just don't want to learn something new right now.  I struggle enough with 5.8. 

I have no doubt but that 5.9 is better.  The folks who run Vector wouldn't put it out otherwise. I did try 5.9 on my Compaq nc6000, a horrible machine (mouse jumps), so not a fair test. But had trouble loading lyx and the firewall didn't work.  Figure I will just wait until 5.9 has a full gslapt and all that.  Also, making change takes time.  I have about 8- 10 machines I would have to switch.  If I could "upgrade" to 5.9 I would probably do it now.  But have to "install" it.  Install takes a lot of time and risks loss of data.  Our Club is still loading 5.8 for much of the same reasons.  I am not convinced 5.9 is ready for prime time yet.  No harm in letting others try it for a while. I cannot risk any problems, as my business/life runs on Vector 5.8. If my computers go down, or don't work, my clients suffer. Still, I have every confidence I will be using 5.9 in a year or so. 

Title: Re: Just wondering
Post by: kazuya on February 06, 2008, 10:32:50 am
VL rocks as always. I alternate between it and and other distros, but the speed, stability and quality continues to be almost unparalled. The devs and contributors on this Distro do a wonderful job.

I do not know how they do it  with the size, but they sure do it. Thanks Guys.
Title: Re: Just wondering
Post by: never_stop_learning on February 17, 2008, 09:05:45 am
Well said, lawquest. I also echo your statement and reasons why we are currently loading 5.8 for the Lions Computers for Kids machines. As lawquest states, many of the young people who benefit from our program visit myspace and other social sites. While 5.9 has better wireless support and a more current 'look and feel', the firewall issue he describes (which we experienced on several machines) is a trade-off we can't risk..... Vector 5.8 is easy to use, proven, reliable, plenty flexible, fast, has an incredible array of available software, installs on every machine we've thrown at it and is utterly bullet-proof.

Please don't consider this a 'slam' on 5.9 - it's an incredible achievement. We will continue to revisit 5.9, use it on personal and test machines and will eventually migrate to it. For now, though, it's 5.8 for the production Computers for Kids program machines.

Just my $.02.....