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Title: Success
Post by: waynev on February 13, 2008, 09:47:10 am
The perfect Linux for the old Compaq DeskPro.  Although both XP and 2000Pro loaded and worked fairly well on the machine I desired to be rid of windows.  The machine has a funky video card and 192mb Ram and moves at 450mh.  I tried several distros ubuntu, kbuntu, minime, pclos, and many others; None would load.  There were two live distros, Puppy and DSL that loaded but they had no better luck with the video card giving inconsistent and ugly desktop colors schemes.

Vector Linux is amazing, and truly turned the Compaq Deskpro into a useful machine.  The installer is breath taking in its simplicity making the whole experience of installing Vector simply straight forward.  Vector totally deals with the video card and produces a simply beautiful and seemly iridescent blue desktop; It's a pleasure to boot Vector and watch the smoothness with which it comes on line.  Finally, I say thank you to the Vector development team for their applied genius and truly excellent work.

Title: Re: Success
Post by: tomh38 on February 13, 2008, 10:12:45 am

I completely agree with you.  The VL devs have made this distro the best I've ever tried ... and it works great on all kinds of machines.

I'm just another user (i.e. not connected in any formal way with Vector Linux at all), but I'd like to suggest that (if it's within your means) you buy the Deluxe Edition of 5.9 or make a donation that is best suited to you.

I know you're new to VL, but I think that you'll find that both the quality of Vector Linux and the excellent community and support in these forums will make it worth it.


Edit:  I know I already said something to this effect, but I just want to be completely clear that I'm speaking for no one but myself here.
Title: Re: Success
Post by: M0E-lnx on February 13, 2008, 01:52:21 pm
That's good to know waynew....
I recently came across one of those... and I intend to use it as a straight VL-Light machine. It has a bad power supply, but I just purchased one and I'm just waiting for it to arrive so I can get this baby on the move again... I dont know all the details about it, other than it's a DeskPro Small Form Factor box, 256mb RAM, 10GB drive.
Dunno the CPU's clock speed yet or the CDRom's speed.

I'm looking forward to installing VL-Light on this one.