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Title: Vector on a Dell Latitude
Post by: lorton on March 04, 2008, 08:00:47 am
Hi all & many thanks to the Vector team. I have installed VL5.9 on my old Dell Latitude, 1ghz 300 meg ram 20GB shared with windows. I have been using Slack for a number of years & had Version 10.2 on the Dell, it take a little time to get it all working. I couldn't get Armarok to run, & was getting bored with the install, It had been on for about  3 years. I tried a number of distro before Slack, but hadn't tried Vector. It was so easy to install & get things running. I had to configure the wireless card, but that took no time. After all was working I install KDE from Slack v12, so I had all my programs. All the above took no time at all. I am very impressed with the speed it runs, I stayed with Xfce4 as it looks similar to KDE, but runs so much faster. I am starting to waffle now.
VL, what Slack should be, I love it.
Title: Re: Vector on a Dell Latitude
Post by: kc1di on March 04, 2008, 09:34:33 am
Welcome Abord  V.L. is indeed very fast..

even on my older hardware.