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Title: Kqemu in VL5.8 SoHo
Post by: tortipede on March 15, 2008, 10:50:45 am
I'm trying to get kqemu working so that I can use some Win 9x software that either doesn't play nicely or (because of DRM-style stuff) doesn't play at all with Wine. I tried VirtualBox, but it wasn't great; I tried VMWare, but the install script couldn't find /bin/sh, which was a bit bizarre. Qemu seems much better, but still a bit slow, which is where kqemu comes in.

Problems: the version of kqemu that Gslapt finds for VL5.8 is kqemu_2.6.18.5--1.3.0pre11-i586-1vl58.tlz, which installs in /lib/modules/ -- but the kernel shipped with VL5.8SoHo is Unsurprisingly, modprobe can't find it. In case the earlier version of kqemu.ko worked anyway, I tried soft-linking this to /lib/modules/2.6.20 etc. -- but I still just get "modprobe kqemu FATAL: Module kqemu not found."

So I tried installing from source (kqemu-1.3.0pre11.tar.gz, downloaded from the qemu site). The configure script comes back with this:
richard:$ ./configure
big/little test failed
Source path       /tmp/kqemu-1.3.0pre11
C compiler        gcc
Host C compiler   gcc
make              make
host CPU          i386

kernel sources    /lib/modules/
kbuild type       2.6

I've tried searching on this forum (amongst many, many other places), and all I've come up with is ( which clearly implies that kqemu ought to be working... but it still isn't.


TIA :)