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Title: Package Management Info [SOLVED]
Post by: alienlifeform on March 22, 2008, 04:22:34 am
Hi all,
I'm not new with GNU/Linux. I've used (and currenlty using) Gentoo for years. So I've experience with Portage (emerge) package managmenet system. In these last two year I've also used Ubuntu, becoming confident with it's package management system debian derived: apt-get.

Vector Linux uses a apt-get like system: slapt-get + gslapt; so for me these techs are not completely new...
But there's one thing I want to know. If I can't find a package, there is a page that tell me what source add gslapt for get this package?
Or if the package is not found I've to use alternative methods: source installation, rpm, etc...?

The package in question is treecc; gslapt can't find it!

These are the source currently selected:

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance,
Title: Re: Package Management Info
Post by: lagagnon on March 22, 2008, 07:45:35 am
If you have those sources then you have them all, which means no one has packaged treecc for VL. You have a number of alternatives:

1) get a Slackware package (most of them work) from or Then use the command "installpkg" to install it.
2) compile it from source code
3) do 2 above but use vpackager to actually create a package you can share with the VL community
4) put in a request for someone to package it for you in our new package requests forum
5) get an rpm and use rpm2tgz to convert it to Slackware. This is risky. The package may not work
Title: Re: Package Management Info
Post by: alienlifeform on March 22, 2008, 09:23:04 am
Hi my friend (and I to all),
I was not able to find the package in the websites you told (point 1).
This is because treecc is part of dotGNU Portable.NET (that is not present in VL packages also as whole).
All this thing is an experiment, I know other distros and MONO. I don't know Portable.NET but it sounds more lightweight than MONO (this is also because it implements less .NET specification). So the adventure is to try to install this .NET implementation on VL (that I'm learning these days) and run some code I wrote (or... test if it works)!

I get treecc from ( and here I'll get other package to build the entire system; I will post here my results/problems.

Finally the most important thing: I was able to build and run treecc on VL.  ;D

So the original post question can be considered SOLVED!

I'd like to follow point 3; but at the moment I don't know how to use vpackager (but I will study it also).


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