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Title: all new math articles by me
Post by: Triarius Fidelis on August 14, 2008, 12:16:43 am
PlanetMath is mostly graduate level and I'm not all there yet, plus it has a few pricks, so all my new math articles are on

Here's my contribution thus far

De Morgan's laws (
Dijkstra's algorithm ( (reasonably complete, I just have to change a few things ... it's still way better than my PlanetMath article on the same)
Prim's algorithm (
Proof of Prim's algorithm (
Uniform cost search (

My interests' applicability to artificial intelligence is very fortunate. I should add something on probability this week. :) Plus I want to get the Ford-Fulkerson algorithm out of the way since learning about network flows is kind of a nightmare.
Title: Re: all new math articles by me
Post by: Colonel Panic on June 29, 2009, 02:48:43 pm
These look interesting. I got a pretty mediocre pass in my Pure Maths option at uni (I studied it for three years), but I still keep an interest in the subject. The trouble is though that studying mathematical topics can be very demanding and time-consuming so I tend to limit it quite severely and perhaps look at recreational maths books and topics rather than anything too "heavy."

Here's a forum I belong to and sometimes browse;

Tetration is the next mathematical operation in the series which starts with addition, multiplication and exponentiation. The mathematics concerning how it behaves, though, haven't been worked out to a conclusive result as of yet so it's still an interesting topic.

What I can say though is that the numbers get big very quickly! For example, 3t3 = 3^(3^3)
=3^27 which is about 7.62559748 × 10^12.