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Title: Greetings all
Post by: Vorlin on December 06, 2008, 02:28:01 pm
Well, there's not a whole lot about me that's not similar to those around here, hehe. I've been in the linux scene since Redhat 5, then moved onto Slackware 10 when RH decided to make you pay for up2date services and ran that for about 4 years. Now that I'm down to one box instead of two, I decided a few weeks ago to give Windows XP the final boot (wine and dosbox WILL work, #*!!@*$), and spent a good amount of time (about a whole week) poring over the various distributions that were out there. I tried a lot of them, probably around 8-10 distros, and somewhere in there, I found Vector Linux. What caught my eye was how it was perfectly fine for programmers as all the tools they need were right out of the box! And true to form, that was the exact case. I erased all my other live cds (thank God for DVD-RWs!), downloaded the 5.9 release (although, I'm considering rebuilding to 6.0 RC 1 and seeing what I can find), and haven't looked back. VL 4 life baby! I plan on donating and becoming a contributor in whatever I can do very soon (New Year's resolution, hehe).

Personally, I've been a unix administrator for the past 11 years, starting with HP-UX 9 and working to 11i with Oracle integration and mixing it up with Solaris 10 (I wish we could get zfs). I live in South Carolina and don't really plan on moving as I'm working towards my nuclear radiation control degree (RADCON) and hope to get on at SRSNS (Savannah River Site Nuclear Solutions).

Good to see all of you!
Title: Re: Greetings all
Post by: kidd on December 06, 2008, 03:03:16 pm
Hello Vorlin,

We've talked on IRC twice, but this is the official place to say: "Welcome aboard!".

If you have some area in mind where you'd like to collaborate, just open a thread with a project proposal and I'm sure we'll come with something useful.  Answering questions at the forums and promoting vectorlinux is always a good thing btw ;)

rbistolfi and I had a project some time ago about packaging more tools for devs (IDEs, compilers, editors....) we called it vl-dev and was related in some way to vl-cli or vl-net.   Unfortunately, vl-cli was the only one that went through.  Maybe we could give it another chance.


vl-cli :
Title: Re: Greetings all
Post by: rbistolfi on December 06, 2008, 04:26:23 pm
Welcome to the forum Vorlin, see ya in #vectorlinux :)
Title: Re: Greetings all
Post by: Vorlin on December 06, 2008, 05:27:25 pm
Thanks, kidd & rbistolfi! Yeah, anytime I really switch distributions, I try to get as involved as possible. That includes anything code-related (if it's a language I'm fairly good at), donations, buying things from the store (I'd go for a VL shirt anyday!), things like that.

I'll be stopping in the chatroom a lot more as soon as I get some things configured just right over here, hehe. See you all there!
Title: Re: Greetings all
Post by: caitlyn on January 05, 2009, 08:12:31 pm
A belated welcome, Vorlin!  rc2 should be along any day now so you may want to wait for that rather than going with rc1... unless you've already gone with rc1, of course :)

Anyway, welcome onboard from another professional sysadmin,
Title: Re: Oracle XE on VL
Post by: Hiero2 on August 01, 2009, 11:54:07 am
I notice Vorlin was an Oracle admin, and now uses VL. I'm hoping either he, or someone, can shed some light on my problems getting Oracle 10g XE to run. Please see the full post in the Technical General section - Installing Oracle XE is in the title.

Thank you;