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Title: xfce and MMSD1.0
Post by: overthere on January 18, 2009, 05:18:40 pm
on a fresh default install of vl5.9std I installed the MMSD1.0..When I touched the start button it I right clicked for a menu and when I slide up to multimedia and touched it the desktop icons and menu dissappeared. I logout and in.. same...reboot same...login change or additions there so uninstalled mmsd and rebooted...xfce is still toast. so I formatted the drive.

there were no noted issues during installs

does the new 1.5 release address this or was this ever an issue...

edit: reinstalled and same but found a checkbox for kde...should I check gnome also?

This allows use of right click menu but still no start button.

jack server is not running and not sure how to turn on...all programs I click seem to want it on

should I just download the 1.5 or can I just save time and fix this back up...or reinstall and do some tweaks first?

Title: Re: xfce and MMSD1.0
Post by: Dweeberkitty on January 19, 2009, 09:00:20 am
Thanks for the report. It really helps if people post their problems. It seems like I saw this issue once, but thought it was just a fluke since I've never seen it again. What checkboxes are you talking about exactly? For Gnome and KDE?

As far as the XFCE menu button goes, that should be easy to fix. I believe you right-click on the menu and then "add applet"? You should find the menu button in that.

Jack server is really easy to fix. I am pretty sure the manual addresses the issue you describe. All you need to do is open QJackCtl from the Multimedia menu. Then, click on "options" or "configure", whichever it is, and deselect the checkbox for Realtime. Then, close the configuration dialog and you click the green start button which will fire up jack. Then, any program that needs it will plug into the running jack server.
Title: Re: xfce and MMSD1.0
Post by: overthere on January 19, 2009, 05:01:20 pm

I had opened Qjaclctl but did not know what to do besides click start..THANKS..I unchecked real-time and it appears to start and stay running.

the menu button and its place on the bar had dissappeared..and touching media on the rightclick menu caused the menu and desktop icons to disapear..after a second reboot I checked the kde services(settings/settings manager/settings and startup/advanced) prior to touching the media item on the right click menu and then had access to media items and no disappearing act. except the startbutton and its place on the bar were still missing..

I just did another fresh install of VL and the MMSD and every thing appears normal...I can not duplicate...the first two installs had this issue. the second two did not, and this last was a fresh install as the first

Sorry must have been a fluky couple if all is well I have a LOT of applications to play with...

Title: Re: xfce and MMSD1.0
Post by: The Headacher on January 20, 2009, 02:14:59 am
If Jack starts to stutter and give trouble because it doesn't have realtime priority, try this (only works on 5.9 standard, on 5.9 SOHO you'll need to use another approach, still working on that)