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Title: Timidity++ from cvs
Post by: lm8 on January 20, 2009, 08:51:10 am
Is there a package for or is there a chance of getting a package for Timidity++ using the latest code from Sourceforge via cvs (not the tarball that hasn't been updated from 2004)?  Some extra support for Karaoke midi lyrics (as well as several other features) was added in the updates and is not available in the tarball.  Website is
The Freepats web sites contains Open Source instrument samples to use with Timidity++ if needed:

Thank you.
Title: Re: Timidity++ from cvs
Post by: rbistolfi on February 01, 2009, 07:52:59 am
I tried this one. The flac support seems to be broken if timidity++ is compiled against newer versions of flac. We could do two things, either disable the flac support or attempt to link timidity statically to an older version of flac.
Title: Re: Timidity++ from cvs
Post by: lm8 on February 02, 2009, 04:35:54 am
Personally, I usually use flac from the command line, not Timidity++ anyway.  I'd be fine with leaving it out of Timidity++.  Don't know about anyone else.  I use Timidity++ for playback of midi and mod files and for converting original midi files I creating with ABC notation to wave format, so I can record to CDs.
Title: Re: Timidity++ from cvs
Post by: lm8 on February 14, 2009, 11:23:16 am
Wanted to thank rbistolfi for downloading the source from Sourceforge and putting this together.

I went ahead and recompiled from source on my own computer and added the --enable-interface=xaw --enable-wrd in order to get the Karaoke midi lyrics to display correctly.  The most work on lyrics was done to the xaw interface with trace turned on.  Otherwise, they don't appear to be displaying correctly.  (The old version of Timidity couldn't display lyrics properly at all.)  If no one else is using Karaoke midi lyrics, timidity works fine as is.  If anyone else needs that functionality, just thought I'd mention, you'll probably need to rebuild with extra config parameters.  Run timidity -ia and turn trace on.  You should see several piano keyboards in the window along with the lyrics when it's working properly.