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Title: Configuring video driver?
Post by: jacatone on January 23, 2009, 01:04:53 am
I've installed VL 5.9 Lite. Hardinfo shows my wireless USB adapter, and I have its Linux Realtek driver package but I don't know how to install it. The packet contents are as follows:

make drv

Anyone know how I compile this into the necessary driver and install it. I'm new to Slackware? Thanks.
Title: Re: Configuring video driver?
Post by: budulay on January 23, 2009, 01:33:59 pm
I have no experience with wireless adapters, so take it for what it's worth:
If hardinfo shows your device, the driver should already be installed(otherwise it wouldn't even show it), I think.
If that's so, you should try configuring your wireless with vlwifi(I think that's what people use here).
If indeed your drivber is not installed, it would be helpful if you put a link to it here, so that someone more experiensed in this type of things could see closely what driver you are talking about(I never actually compilled kernel modules, which is what that driver should be, so I am not of any help here.)
Also you can google driver name to see if there is a man or howto page somwhere.

Hope you will make it work.
Title: Re: Configuring video driver?
Post by: nightflier on January 23, 2009, 02:09:12 pm
yes, for wireless, "VLwifi" should be your first stop. It should be on the start menu.

You have problems with video also?