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Title: Xscreensaver
Post by: tomh38 on January 27, 2009, 12:14:57 am
I have a minor request concerning Xscreensaver.  Could somebody consider using something like this: ( in a future VL release?  It's a patch that changes the little xscreensaver  screen lock window.  I've already created a package for myself, but I could only get the patch to work with version 4.24 (current is 5.08 I think).  I wouldn't even ask this but that little lock window (probably rarely seen) is one of a very few things in contemporary Linux that's just flat out ugly.


P.S.  I forgot to mention that the guy who wrote the patch (from the web link above) has several themes, one of which looks like this:


Obviously anybody willing to do this could make their own theme.