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Title: New Vectorphile here!
Post by: amigaman on February 10, 2009, 02:05:09 pm
IS that even a word?  It should be around this place...  ANYway

I suppose I oughta introduce myself.  :)   My name's Stan, and I have been using various forms of *nix at work, school and home for God only knows how many years.  I've recently tried to make a go of DreamLinux, but it didn't like my new hardware.  So I found one that did.  Vector 6.0 ;D

My old and new systems are pretty much the same, just with a change of a dead MB.  Went from an MSI KM2M to a PCChips M848A.  What I had that DL didn't like is a Walkman and Pinnacle HD Pro PCTV USB stick.  I'm glad to say Vector instnatly recognized the Walkman, and my EasyShare C875.  Now if I can just get TV-time compiled and my Pinnacle configured, I'm good to go :)

Oh, and it no longer auto-mounts my eth0 drivers like it used to yesterday.  I can't rememebr exactly what I did.  Minor annoyances to be solved :D

I plan on staying with Vector until they lay me in the ground.  I like it :)

Title: Re: New Vectorphile here!
Post by: kidd on February 10, 2009, 03:01:29 pm
Hi amigaman,

Btw your nick reminds me of a mix between 2 video games I used to play in the '90s. great. good old videogames :D

Of course that word exists!  In fact you got me thinking what words would be the next/previous of vectorphile.

vectorphagia? vectorphobia?  Dunno.

Anyway, welcome to vectorland Stan

Title: Re: New Vectorphile here!
Post by: kc1di on February 10, 2009, 03:33:50 pm
Welcome aboard Stan,
Enjoy :)


Title: Re: New Vectorphile here!
Post by: Masta on February 11, 2009, 06:50:38 pm
Hello and welcome to VL amigaman.
I am happy to hear that VL-6 is working well for you, despite an annoyance, as it is yet to be finalized at this point. I hope that you mentioned that annoyance in the 6.0 bug threads, so that it may get addressed.

The nick reminds me of the good days on the Commadore systems :) ... then GUI took over ;D .
Title: Re: New Vectorphile here!
Post by: amigaman on February 11, 2009, 08:02:18 pm
hey the GUI is what made me fall in love with the Amiga in the first place.  :)  I have been and forever shall be an Amiga lover.  I would be using one still today if I could convince my wife to let me spend the money on it.  I remember having a simple little conversation with her about hobbies once.  I told her I had 2 major passions in my life.... Amigas and cars.  One in particular.

Cost of building an Amiga 1200 in tower case with all modern conveniences....   roughly $2000. 
Cost of acquiring an 1989 Maserati 228 and restoring it to showroom condition... roughly $50,000.  Plus insurance.

Can someone help me do the math here?  My lowly master's degree in nuclear engineering has all but taken away my ability to subtract  ;D.  I can do triple integrals with my eyes closed, but I can't subtract for shit.  :)

But I digress.  To solve the tv problem, it seems all I need is Kaffeine.  (and to stay awake, too ;D)  I have /dev/uvb/adapter0/ in my system now, after a compile and install.

Still working on auto-mounting eth0 again at boot.  I don't want to have to re-install again :D