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Title: VL5.9 Lite slow boot, /lib/udev/ "Read-Only Filesystem error"
Post by: linuxgeek on February 13, 2009, 07:51:57 am
(edited to update the "possibly unrelated" information)

I just downloaded VL 5.9 Lite and am running it under Qemu (hosted on an XP computer).

During boot, I get an error that /lib/udev/ can't update a file in /etc/ due to a "Read-Only Filesystem".  I'm familiar enough with Linux to know that the root drive is initially mounted as readonly, and then made read-write later.  I presume that the problem is that is attempting to update a file too soon?

I searched the forum and found a post that someone found this in RC2.

Two things that may be unrelated:

*The error message is preceded by another error message saying something about EDD
*The boot seems to "pause" for about 30 seconds to a minute (I haven't timed it) just after this cdrom-symlinks error message. 

Any workarounds? Should this be posted in another area?