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Title: pygtk with numpy support- VL6
Post by: blurymind on February 16, 2009, 03:08:10 pm
hi, the reason i need pygtk to be recompiled is because the painting application- mypaint wouldnt work at all, even if i have numpy.

The console says it- pygtk was not compiled with numpy support. Now i made a package for numpy and the other library needed by mypaint- swig (they are at my contrib folder too).
I can make a package for pygtk too, but i figured that pygtk is an important library,that many other applications use.
 There might be some configure options that vec's devs know and i should leave it to them or ask if its ok to make a second package of pygtk ,and if its ok,is there something i should include in its configure?

I have configured pygtk back in the 58 days and i remember that its a standart procedure.