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Title: vector linux
Post by: dellboy on February 25, 2009, 04:47:12 pm
Hi every one I am new to your site, I am from the UK and would like to know. will this vector linux run on AMD X2 cpu, Nvidia 9600GT vidio card.
I have looked at the vector web site but all it say's, that this Vector linux run's only on Intel chip and cpu's, is that wright it will not run on a AMD cpu. thnaks dellboy :-\
Title: Re: vector linux
Post by: caitlyn on February 25, 2009, 04:53:10 pm
Vector Linux runs on Intel and compatible processors, including your AMD.  The only reason you may not want to run the just released Vector Linux 6.0 is that it's a 32-bit operating system and if you have a dual core AMD it is almost certainly 64-bit.  VL64 6.0, the native 64-bit version of Vector Linux, is still in alpha though some people are running it with success.  The package/software selection in the 64-bit repository is more limited than the main repository.

Yes, you can run a 32-bit OS on a 64-bit machine and it will work just fine but it won't take full advantage of your processing power.  This won't be noticeable for day to day tasks like surfing the web, exchanging e-mails, or even watching a YouTube video.  Where you will notice it is in tasks that stress your system to the limits:  real time video processing, 3D modeling, anything with heavy duty mathematical computation, and some high end games all suffer if you run a 32-bit OS.  So... whether or not Vector Linux will be satisfactory for you really depends on how you use your computer.

Title: Re: vector linux
Post by: GrannyGeek on February 25, 2009, 07:12:23 pm
I have VL6 Deluxe running in two 64-bit dual core AMD processors. It runs very well indeed. So unless you are doing the kinds of things Caitlyn mentioned that really take advantage of 64-bit computing, I encourage you to give VL 6 a try. There are many of us in this forum who are running 32-bit VL on 64-bit dual core processors.

"Intel CPU" rarely means *only* processors made by Intel. It nearly always includes Intel, AMD, VIA, and whatever other processors can run Windows and desktop Linux (x86, x86-64).