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Title: Vector Linux 6.0 Light RC1 released.
Post by: nightflier on March 19, 2009, 07:21:05 am
After months of work by developers and testers, VL 6.0 Light has reached Release Candidate status:
md5sum: 5bef096530ec6fbf58bfb7a946fae1dd

We encourage you to provide feedback in this thread:

To create a version suitable for older/slower computers, the Vector team started with VL6.0 Standard Gold and replaced XFCE/LXDE with IceWM/JWM. The most resource hungry applications were removed, and where feasible, replaced with lighter alternatives. Running services are kept to a minimum. ISO image file has been re-done with less compression that can be handled by lower spec machines. Download is 613 MB and a full install consumes close to 3 GB of hard drive space.

Light is biased towards simplicity and performance, but you get a complete and capable system. It can easily be expanded using the gslapt package manager or by compiling your own applications. Package selection includes Pcmanfm 0.5 as your file and desktop manager. Opera provides a fast and standards compliant web browser with Flashplayer 10 and Mplayer plugins, as well as e-mail and bittorrent clients. Firefox is also available. For local multimedia playback you will find Xmms, Gmplayer and Xine. Record audio with flrec. Vburn takes care of basic CD burning tasks. The Wicd network manager makes it easy to manage wireless connections. Pidgin Instant Messenger works with IRC, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Google talk and several other services. The ultra-light Siag Office provides basic word processing and spreadsheet functionality. Graphics are handled by Gqview, Xpdf and Mtpaint. Additional programs include Xarchiver, Leafpad, Ripperx, Xchat, Gftp, Dillo, HV3 and the Fox applications. You can choose between the GDM or KDM login managers. GDM has the advantage of offering easy localization for non-English users. Default auto-mounter for removable devices is vl-hot.

Code: [Select]
Modified X11 bulk:
 Installed new: fltk-1.1.9-i586-1vl60.tlz
 Installed new: flrec-0.12-i586-1vl60.tlz
 Installed new: mtpaint_handbook-3.30-noarch-1vl60
Modified veclinux bulk:
 Installed new: pysqlite-2.4.1-i586-2gsb.tlz
 Upgraded: hdparm-9.10-i586-1vl60 -> hdparm-9.11-i586-1vl60
Modified siag-office bulk:
 upgraded siag-3.6.1-i586-5vl60 -> siag-3.6.1-i586-6vl60
Edited explorer_cd to show choice menu on launch
Updated vwicd-client
Moved gqview docs from /usr/doc to /usr/share/doc
Added symlink sensible-browser -> browser (needed for help menu in gqview, xarchiver and others)
Updated icewm menu updater, added "deep search" option (finds KDE apps), replaced "Play CD" and "Play DVD" with "CD/DVD"
Added option to run "updatedb" on first run of icewm as root
Added missing symlinks for cdtool
Removed .xinitrc from home dirs (vxwmset now works properly)
Updated vxdmset
Title: Re: Vector Linux 6.0 Light RC1 released.
Post by: M0E-lnx on March 19, 2009, 07:51:05 am

I have not tried this yet, but it sure looks like Light has put on some weight.

It may be due to the "lighter compression" so that older boxes dont have problems decompressing stuff... but the ISO size is mighty close to the STD iso size.
Title: Re: Vector Linux 6.0 Light RC1 released.
Post by: nightflier on March 19, 2009, 08:02:09 am
Yes, several reports indicated that older boxes had trouble installing the highly compressed bulks in earlier versions. Doesn't matter how well it runs if it won't install, so we compromised on the size.