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Title: How do I launch X-ISP Dialer ?
Post by: frank56 on March 24, 2009, 03:06:59 am
This is my first day on Vectorlinux. I setup X-ISP dialer right after install. I don't have a clue how to launch the dialer. Do I have to do it from a terminal, if so what script do I use?  Or is there an icon on the desktop that I have overlooked? I tried a topic search but I did not see anything related to my problem. Hope someone can help.:-). Frank ...oh I have the latest version vectorlinux..6,.
Title: Re: How do I launch X-ISP Dialer ?
Post by: M0E-lnx on March 24, 2009, 05:44:21 am
Dont know exactly what you mean... but if you're trying to get on the internet via a dial-up modem, Menu -> Metwork -> Chestnet Dialer
Title: Re: How do I launch X-ISP Dialer ?
Post by: frank56 on March 24, 2009, 06:29:52 am
Thanks for the quick reply . When I   open, vasmCC, then network, modem, autodetect..."modem had been setup to ttyS1,...then..."The next steps will guide you to setup a PAP account with dialers like X-ISP. You may skip this step if you are using gkdialer or kpppp dialer." .  I did not skip but continued with configuring X-ISP. I hope that clarifies what I meant. Thanks..Frank
Title: Re: How do I launch X-ISP Dialer ?
Post by: overthere on March 24, 2009, 10:17:55 pm
As mentioned there is a dialer included in VL which is less problematic than x-isp. if the modem was detected, log in as root and set up an account in chectnut..if it works then set access for user

If you managed to get x-isp installed correctly then try typeing the name of the executable in a terminal or look for it in /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin..perhaps
 I have not used x-isp. I use the included dialer . Any reason you need x-isp?
 Have you seen this
 "Log into your user desktop and fire up Xisp from a xterm window so you can see error output if it occurs.
$ xisp &"

Title: Re: How do I launch X-ISP Dialer ?
Post by: frank56 on March 26, 2009, 02:38:15 pm
Thank you Overthere.

I didn't want to waste your time or cause confusion in the internet world. :-). So I been trying to do a little homework and lots of trial an error. 

Why did I start with x-isp dialer?  It seems to be suggested first by VasmCC, so I guessed it would be easier, and secondly it would be nice to know how to use mutliple dialers. However my goal is to start with the simpler dialer or program and work up. And my immediate goal is to get on the internet with a dial up modem. Its a no brainer to get on with my ethernet connection.
I have put X-ISP dialer configuration on hold for now. And am now trying to get Chestnut dialer up and running.
At this point I am getting after about 20 seconds of being connected..."Serial link is not 8 bit clean"

I have an Actiontec linux compatible modem, 56k internal Pci modem, V.92 call waiting capable.
I still have the manual for it. In one of its linux pages it suggests init string of "at&fw2s109=2s38=1s37=14

My ISP is AT&T. I can connect with my lapttop modem dialup connection. I got ipconf from that. I am not sure if its a must to enter a name server, althought it seems to be suggested by other websites.

I did a root # locate xisp pppd and also the "which xisp pppd and got a NO...I repeated command for chestnut dialer and got a positive response. Conclusion? X-ISP dialer is not in my packages.

I did follow up on your links, but will need to read them again. I am also reviewing with on online linux course, that looks like it will take some time. Thanks for your help so far.Frank

Subsequent edit 3/30/09. After hours of trying other dialers, I found Chestnut dialer the easiest to work with with the option to edit the init string. Kdes kpp dialer on one distro did not have that. I had a problem using the defautl init string. From my manual I entered the suggested init string..ATS10=1 for this Actiontec hardware based linux compatibe modem. By the way, wrong init string gave a .."not 8 bit clean error message. Great Dialer, Chestnut dialer is. I wish I could get to work with Debian too. Are there propiatery issues I wonder?