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Title: vwifi-connect
Post by: shunn on April 03, 2009, 09:38:22 pm
trying to get the little bugs out of my system. I have vector linux 5.8 installed on my computer which has a 2.2ghz celeron cpu, 256 mb ram(though it has some bad sectors so it's actual capacity is 190mb,) it has a d-link wda-1320 wireless nic. for some reason i can only connect to my wireless network through the vwifi-connect, if i try to connection under network > wireless in VASM to enable auto connect, it wont work. if i even try to it up it completely messes everything up to the point that I cannot even connect using vwifi-connect. is there something i can do to make vwifi-connect automatically connect(and store the ESSID and WEP key)?