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Title: Thank you Vectors
Post by: lordiaco on June 21, 2009, 12:56:14 am
I just have time to express me wiith a couple of simple grateful words now  at the dusk of my life wiith beloved and exiting world of Lnux and other OS's I lived almost whole my life with. I'm cancer sick (incurable intestine cancer)  and have no sucha long time yet, but last time had I wery fun with Vector 5.8 STD on my older, a bit lazy Dell Latiitude CPt of 1999's model since my newer, Latitude D610 has been broken by a violent Ubuntu 8.04 LTD's outbreak.
Since then, but tragicaly enough for myself, too late! Thanks to that event I met VLinux and thank God for it!
Better late  than never, says it.
He has a weak 464 MHz Celeron(Mendocino), 256 MB RAM, 20GB HD and a simple CD, no floppy and not so well functioning keyboard. I had some difficulties in the begining wiith VL5.8, but later i learned me a lot last months in home country, waiting for my morphine shoot and Vector's SeaMonkey tasks, ha!
Have been working many years with old Mac's and SUN SPARC's, even NT in Sweden, so Slackworld isn't so strange to me, have an Win2000 installed on hda1(works great, no firewall, no vrus at all on FAT32, real fast, but love your "viscous Vector 5.8" more.

Have a great and light future with VL
A 55 years old sick
Title: Re: Thank you Vectors
Post by: hata_ph on June 21, 2009, 01:57:54 am
Happy to know you but at the same time feeling sad too as you mentioned you have cancer...... :'(
Wish you get well soon....
Title: Re: Thank you Vectors
Post by: GrannyGeek on June 21, 2009, 07:40:34 am
Sorry to hear about your illness. I hope you go into a very long remission and can enjoy VectorLinux for many more years.