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Window lag, max CPU when dragging
« on: August 23, 2009, 08:45:27 pm »
I got my system set up almost exactly like I like it, but I noticed that when dragging windows, I max my CPU usage and the window does not move very smoothly.

I've since installed proprietary nVidia drivers for the computers Geforce4 440 Go. It automatically configured the xorg.conf file (which I confirmed with a text editor) and I also checked and there are several new nVidia modules that have been loaded.

I figured that there would be some kind of 2d acceleration, but there seems to be no difference. Youtube videos work better however.

My noobishness prevents me from figuring this out.

VectorLinux 6 Lite

AMD 3000+
512MB Ram
nVidia Geforce4 440 Go NV17

Compaq Laptop

I'm getting 2000+ fps with glxgears at 100% CPU load with the 1.0-96xx legacy drivers.


Interesting enough, dragging windows also lags on Ubuntu 9.04 when Compiz is disabled, but when Compiz is enabled, it runs perfectly.

Does this mean that 2d acceleration is possible only with Compiz?
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