Author Topic: 2 issue: net card sug. and samba/xp incompatibility.  (Read 3088 times)


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2 issue: net card sug. and samba/xp incompatibility.
« on: September 27, 2009, 10:02:26 am »
Want to put light vl on old notebook machine (gig ram 1.6 ghz and a tiny 6or 8 gig hardrive).  Mainly to do open office, surf web, and watch h.264 movies over wireless network from xp machine.

I want to ditch the half cripple window me (mprexe frequently locks up, and video layering crashes after an hour use.) I havent put linux on machine since HD so small and will need to choose between them.  Puppy live cd didn't get network card working.  Also, I like the helping members of vector community better than the unresponsic puppy forum.

What wireless card do I need to buy to replace the belkin that vector light would pick up?

Second challenge.  I need vlc to read the xp movies over network.   But, on kids machine I never got vector light to login to the xp machine for file reading.  It surfs net, even uses the http proxy of the xp machine.  But I try to get into the shared folder and it tell me I need a samba password.   I posted but responders' suggestions didn't work.


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Re: 2 issue: net card sug. and samba/xp incompatibility.
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2009, 10:13:35 am »
I'm not sure that you would need a new wireless card. It may just be a matter of configuring your existing card. Once you get it working is should remain working.  Can you provide details of the exact brand(belkin), model, and revision? This should help us all to determine it's compatibility with linux, in general.

Regarding samba password message: Please explain what process you are using to attempt accessing the XP shared folder from Vector Light. What software are you using to navigate to the XP machine? I recently wrote a how-to on creating a static 'Network Neighborhood' for VectorLinux that makes the workgroup easily accessible ( If the Vector Light machine only needs to access the XP machine (and not vice-versa) then you should only need Section 1 of the how-to.

Hope some of this helps.
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