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Author Topic: 64 bit port and Xorg upgrade?  (Read 1664 times)


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64 bit port and Xorg upgrade?
« on: September 20, 2009, 10:11:11 am »

Hello people!

I really like your distro, had some experince in past with it (older SOHO versions). I am using Gentoo for some time, but I am planning to install something binary on my second laptop. I would really like to put Vector, since I prefer speed, good optimization and efficiency. However :

1. Are there any plans for 64 bit port now after there is official Slackware64? I am using amd64 exclusively in last couple years and honestly do not plan to switch back to x86. Also, my both laptops have 4 GB of RAM, so I guess I would have to recompile kernel anyway. I saw that there is 5.9 64bit Beta, but I guess it is not recommended for production and can be already considered as old.

2. I've tried 6.0 Light on separate partition, but Xorg has problems with my graphics card (Radeon HD 3200). It is impossible to get into X, unless vesa module is used. Tried everything - vxconf, manually configuring with "X -configure", both radeon modules (radeon and radeonhd), but no use. Don't know what is making problems, since same version of Xorg worked perfectly fine on Gentoo. I am curious if it is possible to upgrade Xorg to newer version, 1.5.x maybe or latest 1.6.3? Maybe to use SlackBuilds for Slackware's Xorg or to recompile VL's Xorg if some patches applied? Btw, used both install methods - graphical and ncurses.

Thank you for your time!