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Author Topic: Mouses freezes when during VLwifi setup  (Read 2913 times)


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Mouses freezes when during VLwifi setup
« on: October 31, 2009, 01:20:46 pm »

After I see, "Wireless interface wlan0 found ..le'ts setup", I click on ok than my mouse freezes. Earlier I posted that, installation was stalling. I was able to get to graphical desktop, by using text mode. By the way, what is the Vector method for shutting or restarting computer when mouse freezes?

Also, I did iwconfig, I did modprobe 8180, ( have RTL-8185L chip) and this NIC worked on another Linux box with Vector 6.0 same as I am using now. First install on a Gateway, all was automated. Now I am on a Dell Model HP U2106F3.

I think I have an Irq conflict of some sort but dont know how to resolve it.

Subsequent edit. I changed pci slots, installed Belkin NIC..and all installed automated, with no stalls or snags. I unchecked, install wireless radio and laser something, on graphical, restarted but now hangs up at boot on,..."RC.X Going to multiuser Gui Mode"
Note I installe NIC with problem in different PCI slot.
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Re: Mouses freezes when during VLwifi setup
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2009, 05:06:57 pm »

Not sure about your NIC problem, but on VL6 I just hit the power button if machine doesn't respond to kb or mouse. This triggers the shutdown command through ACPI.