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Author Topic: multiboot XP/VL - adding MINT without GRUB [Solved]  (Read 3840 times)


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Re: multiboot XP/VL - adding MINT without GRUB
« Reply #15 on: November 04, 2009, 11:50:35 am »

After about 2 minutes of running MINT I rebooted (I get bored easily  ;)) into XP. I got some Windows updates and did a 'install updates and shutdown'. I then powered on again only to see the PC try to boot off the LAN ! It then gave me a "disk boot failure - insert system disk' error. I powered off and on and went into the BIOS setup just to check my boot order was still CDROM => H/D => Floppy (which it was). I exited BIOS setup without changes and I got the LILO menu ok, and here I am ...

Seems too much of a coincidence that this should happen just after a LILO MBR rewrite, yet how could it be a transient problem..or is it some weird side-effect of running MINT ?

Update 9/11/09 : it hasn't happened again, so I'll mark this as 'solved' and start a new thread if necessary.
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