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Author Topic: Submitting to  (Read 3567 times)


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Submitting to
« on: October 23, 2009, 11:13:26 am »

There are millions (well...) of submissions to and VERY few name VL as their distro-of-choice.

I think as VL is run on quite a few laptops around the forum alone, would the respective users consider setting up a little (if standardized) HTML page about THEIR specific laptop and VL on either or both these sites?

I guess it's just another "drop onto a hot stone" (or however you native English-speakers say it), but why not try? Whoever looks for a Linux distribution to install on their laptop (possibly old laptop), will find one of these sites sooner or later, and the more VL entries it will show, the higher the chance this person will give VL a shot, and then start to contribute to it, etc...

What do you think? I've done it and it was simple enough (one HTML page for both sites is enough).

The links:,, my LOL-page (feel free to steal!)
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