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Author Topic: OS upgrade Wireless downgrade  (Read 2234 times)


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OS upgrade Wireless downgrade
« on: November 13, 2009, 10:14:55 am »

I just upgraded an old p3 from Vec 5.8 to Vec6.0 standard. It has a D-link wireles card with an atheros chip in it. It worked fine with ndiswrapper before the upgrade. But now connects and loads at a terribly reduced rate. I downloaded and installed new Windows drivers for it to no avail.

Code: [Select]
ndiswrapper -l
netathw : driver installed
device (168C:0023) present (alternate driver: ath9k)

The ath9k is listed as an alternate driver. I see that it is a native linux driver on my system.

various ath9k files exist in these directories
Code: [Select]

Does Wicd use the native linux driver by default?

I should also note that in Wicd "Preferences > WPA Supplicant Driver" the only choice that works at all is "wext"
And that I get excellent results sitting beside this machine with my laptop. Though of course laptops do have better anttenae then Desktop wireless cards.

So my two major questions are:
How can I use the native driver?
And how can I improve my speed? (the connection was good before)



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Re: OS upgrade Wireless downgrade <solved>
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2009, 12:16:39 pm »

I have fixed the reception problem. We had done some cleaning so I moved the modem up 3 feet back to where it was on top of a TV. Signal quality improved from 41/100 to 76/100.

I was also sabotaging myself by trying out the new or a different driver whenever I did get a connection.
Turns out you need to reboot when you install a new driver

Previously you issued the command
Code: [Select]
service ifplugd restartbut ifplugd does not exist in Vec 6.0

I imagine I just had to restart the Wicd daemon. But I did not.

Thanks for the place to think out loud. It helps,