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Author Topic: Booting faster with texas flood boot-scripts  (Read 4388 times)


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Re: Booting faster with texas flood boot-scripts
« Reply #15 on: December 20, 2009, 07:51:35 pm »
I don't want to sound negative, but is it worth all this time, trouble and effort to get your computer to boot 10 seconds faster?

Maybe its just me, but I rarely have to reboot. Actually, I have to fix my swap (I don't have a swap at all) the only time I have to reboot is when I have WAY too much stuff open and use up all real ram, the system starts hanging. This is because there is no swap I think...

Anyhow, I rarely have to reboot the computer so I don't think its worth the effort to get my computer to boot 10 or 15 seconds faster.

What are your boot times like with this scripts verses without them?


Yeah - it's not really worth it for maybe 12 seconds faster boot times. Thought I'd try it out though, plus I learned alot about the bootup process in the meantime. This new laptop boots up pretty fast anyway, so I've gone back to the stock boot scripts for now. I don't re-boot all that often either.

My boot times with the scripts vs without the scripts are posted above your reply.

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