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Author Topic: a Warning: The Easy way isn't always the best/caveat emptor  (Read 1885 times)


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a Warning: The Easy way isn't always the best/caveat emptor
« on: November 28, 2009, 06:41:20 pm »

There's a post not too far down from here where I ask about installing software. I'm as green as the grass when it comes to this, and as impatient as anyone. So when I hit Google with search for info or a guide to installing a program (and included Vector Linux in the querie), it came up with something that seemed to be just what the doctor ordered. One Stop Downloads was the name. It didn't bother to add that hustling was it's game. "Here,fishy fishy, I got a nice worm for you." Yes master.
 Here's the website, check it out.

They have a download that's not only got the thing I'm trying to get, but holy schmoly, it's formated for Vector! That's impressive, not even the big boys seem to have anything specificlly for Vector! Sure, I'll' bite.
 Hey, when I try and download, it says I gotta pay for it! It's not much, less than five bucks.WTF? Awright, it's five bucks, better than spending the rest of the afternoon searching for a needle in a hatstack. So get out the plastic and get ready to rumble.
 When I get to the screen where you make it all happen, this comes up (net address from hell, sorry)

 The line that got me was "Today's charge of $4.87 will discreetly appear in your statement as Gypsum Entertainment Ltd."
 Say what? Man, that's what I expect to see from a porn site! Better back off and see what's out there about these guys. Hmmmm....
  All of a sudden there are sirens going off in my head, and I get as far away from One stop downloads as fast as my little mouse can say "Outa here!"
 So if you happen to find yourself staring at a screen (or anything!) that has "Everyting you could possibly ask for", you might want to check before offering your credit card.