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Author Topic: Permission Denied. - solved (hopefully)  (Read 2645 times)


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Permission Denied. - solved (hopefully)
« on: January 09, 2010, 08:19:21 am »

So, after my xubuntu installation started acting all strange i decided to install vector linux instead. First i tried to make a CD but my computer wouldn't read it. Then remembering that you can install directly from a harddrive, i installed openSUSE 9.1 (i know, it's old but the only CD that would really work) over my xubuntu installation. Then i downloaded the iso file, the .md5.txt file and the vinstall-iso file. I checked the md5 and that was correct so i followed the installation instructions for installing vector linux 6.0 standard-gold with linux as host. I pressed cntrl-alt-F1 and then logged in as root, then i switched to run level 2, and went to the place i stored my files (home/theo/Documents) and then entered the following command as directed.
                     ./vinstall-iso vl-6.0.iso
after that there would be a slight pause and then it would say permission denied and wouldn't install.I tried run level 3 and i tried su (in run level 2). Neither worked and when i tried kdesu it would say that i couldn't connect to server x. I tried all i can think off and i cant burn another cd (since the CD was burned on a relatives computer) so i was wondering if you guys might have ideas to help me install vector linux.
I also checked with the system requirements and i'm quite sure my computers good enough.

EDIT: i think that i have managed to fix the problem by changing permissions for the files.
Once again, all help is appreciated.
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