Author Topic: Login error: "Your session lasted less than ten seconds..."  (Read 2156 times)


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Login error: "Your session lasted less than ten seconds..."
« on: February 18, 2010, 04:54:44 am »
Hi everibody

From time to time, when logging in, after typing my password, the machine sends
the following error message (translated): Your session did not even last 10 seconds,

The message waits for acknoledgement: I must click on some "OK" button. I am then
again offered the login screen (GDM), and must repeat the login process: username
and password.

When I initially installed VL one year (?) ago, this incident occurred seldom.
Now, as if my OS had aged ( ??? ), it occurs more and more often, to the point that it is not
uncommon to make three or four attempts  :P  before being logged in finally.

My son, who runs VL on a completely different machine, made a similar observation.

Since I was never locked out, I do not consider it to be a serious problem, and never
posted on the subject. Now, as it occurs everyday more often, it is becoming exceedingly
irritating  >:(   specially when in a hurry !

Did somebody observe this strange behaviour ? Is there a cure, apart from re-install
or suffer ?

old Pentium 3 @ 700 MHz, 384 MB ram
happily   :)  running VL6.0 "gold"