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« on: March 07, 2010, 02:04:17 pm »
I have not yet got my hands on Vector Linux but will probably do so soon.  I am impressed by the active community involvement so I thought I would introduce myself and ask a few questions.

Through work experience I have come to know and love bash, sed, awk, grep and others and most of all vim!  Will I be able to "set -o vi" to edit the command line?  (I don't know emacs.)

But I do not consider myself a sys admin.  When it comes to music and video, I just need it to work.  Can I expect to be able to play MP3's without turning my hair even grayer?  Is the version of Firefox a recent one?

I am hoping for a better experience with Vector than some others I have tried. 



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Re: Hello
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Welcome... :)


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Re: Hello
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Welcome Vector Linux

Everything that you asked for will not be a problem.

Vi is included, ask away if you need any other information.



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Re: Hello
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welcome to vector
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