Author Topic: Vector Linux 6.0 KDE-Classic-LIVE Beta 2 is available for testing.  (Read 6682 times)


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The Vector Linux team would like to invite you to test VL6.0 KDE-Classic-Live Beta 2.

This release retains the solid KDE 3.5.10, but has has many updates compared to the original, install only release. The Live-installer has been improved. Live mode makes it simple to test compatibility with your hardware before committing to a permanent installation.

To make it fit on a single CD, we had to make some hard choices regarding package selection. The result is a system that lacks an office suite, kernel source and proprietary video drivers, but with full web and multimedia capabilities out of the box. Firefox 3.6.3 is there, with the latest available versions of the plugins that Vector Linux users are used to; Flash 10, Mplayer and Java. Further functionality from VLC 1.0.5 and Xine ensures that you will be able to handle all common audio and video formats. Amarok is ready for your music collection. The King of CD/DVD burning, K3b, is also included.

When installed to your hard drive, the system is easily expanded using Gslapt. You will be able to download and install, kernel source for building ATi and nVidia drivers, and a large number of additional programs available from our package repository.

Unlike VL Light Live, the Live-tools will not be available after install. Those who want to re-master their own version will need to install that package afterwards.

Get your copy here:
Md5sum: 75395127c7f2e3785d3f25893639dbf9

As always, your input is solicited.