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Are you somebody?


Was going to reply in the "Help wanted" thread, but decided it was better left as-is.

If I were looking at a newspaper and saw a column headed: "Help Wanted-Developers", I'd assume the listings were placed by organizations which were seeking to employ developers. Here, the opposite is meant. It's surprising this section hasn't attracted more off-topic threads.

It's also surprising that no developer has used it. Why not post the small things that need to be done or researched, or what you can certainly do, but have to put off for now?

Suggestion one is: change the name, again. The subject is one suggestion. "Are you somebody?" As in "somebody should do X". Subtitle: Where developers ask for community assistance. There's a better title out there somewhere, just wanted to maybe get you started again.

Suggetion two: use it. If a developer has to put something on the back burner, why not post that something here? Most users will understand if their resulting work is wasted due to duplication of effort, or just a decision to go a different direction; a sticky thread mentioning the possibility would be good, tho.

Thanks so much for your work; now I have something I can work with!

And, oh - get some help.

The "name" of this forum should certainly be changed.

Something along the lines perhaps of "We need some help...", or "VL Devs need help with..."

Yeah, but at least it's finally being put to its intended use :)

Two or so more on-topic threads and we'll be used to the name.


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