Author Topic: A movie actually worth seeing  (Read 2178 times)

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A movie actually worth seeing
« on: April 25, 2010, 08:38:04 pm »

It's about the events surrounding the destruction of the Library of Alexandria and a fairly accurate account of the life of Hypatia with some embellishments of her (still truly great) achievements and a bit more sympathetic personal details

I have no idea whether it will even be released in the US (thanks to the Christian Taliban) but it's been released through most of Europe by now

I'm actually watching this movie now on a foreign website, like I know it would be a ToS breach to disclose my sources here but I can say it is AWESOME

the last (recent) movie I saw was Terminator 4 and I was like man this sucks but Agora, WOW

like everything about it is great

I'll spoil a little here

Hypatia's all like "but what if epicycles don't exist" and then she gets obsessed with doubt and finally she's like "how the hell do the planets move" and I can see her wooden conic section thing blurry in the foreground and I'm like pick it up PICK IT UP and then she does and finally draws an ellipse in the sand representing the Earth's orbit

the hairs on my arms stood up

then all these idiots show up and ruin everything

great movie; would watch again

will watch again

it's nearly as good as Blade Runner
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