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Author Topic: For the love of vector? - Bounty system for Vector linux?  (Read 3409 times)


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I love vector linux but I see a few problems that I feel may be easily fixed by a bounty system.

I see this working tremendously in other open source or freeware os projects, most notably AROS.

Whats a bounty system? Bounties are set by the community and then people donate to those bounties.

If someone takes on a task and completes it, they get the bounty reward, or the total collected for that task.

I'd love to see cinelerra and kdenlive added to our repositories. If we had a bounty system, myself and anyone else who was equally interested in getting those done and added to our repository could donate by paypal to the bounty for each.

I'd like to see the enhancements to boot time like ubuntu 10.04 did... That could be a bounty.

I'd like to see a 50 wallpaper package available for vector linux, or new icon themes created, again these could be bounties.

Whatever it is the users want done or would like made available, a bounty could be created for doing those things.

A bounty system could also allow greater community input. If many people want a certain application added to the
repository or a task done for anything, they can create, donate or add to a bounty. When many people want to see
something, obviously it has more donations and someone is more likely to complete that task.

I would be happy to help in any way I can to get something like this started. What do you guys think about doing
something like this? I'd like to become more involved in the community here, vector is and has been by far my favorite
distro for several years now, and I think it could have a great future. I think a bounty system could help alot with that
future, and provide a means to have people help the efforts of our developers, as well as reward them.

Please post your thoughts on this here.