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Author Topic: I created a post explaining a howto mainly for the gametype TAM in UT2004  (Read 6951 times)


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Heres my post, it's already at a large TAM community forum:

I now generally game on Vector Linux with UT2004 inside the desktop XFCE in a non admin account and online play is very smooth. I was able to install Vector Linux then choose the lilo bootloader and tell it to save on the ex3 Linux partition were Vector is installed then I pointed to it with easybcd from windows. I backed up both of my dualboot operating systems, Windows 7 64bit and Vector Linux 32bit partitions up with the non free Paragon Drive Backup Professional. A decent free option would be Clonezilla as long as you dont use the ext4 partition and keep in mind you need to mount Clonezilla somewere on it's own partition so it can go to work. To 1.backup and 2.restore my lilo bootloader I use this command since I'm using a sata harddrive:
1.    dd if=/dev/sda of=mbr.img count=1 bs=512
2     dd if=mbr.img of=/dev/sda count=1 bs=512
To install I just used the linux installer on the UT2004 dvd which took two seconds to begin the install by typing: sh from a terminal on the root desktop. After installing UT2004 in any distro thats slackware based, I have only tested this on zenwalk and vector linux is login as root in terminal then type: updatedb
press enter then after it's done type: slocate ut2004. Then you can copy and paste in TAM or UTComp and the ESR gun into your usr/local/ut2004 folder (I like UTComp just because you dont have to wait to fight again but it's also nice to watch your teammates play without loosing your score by spectating while playing TAM). With this you can locate your ut2004 install folder and add the mega patch from loki gamers linux installers, (the community pack has all the maps) loki installers for linux gamers .

To customize swap in Vector Linux: FileSystem/ Proc/ Sys/ VM/ Swappiness.
Here is how you can restart the X server in Linux is by typing: control alt minus then after your screen gets huge type: control alt plus.
I dont use the default terminal on the desktop to run UT2004, I go into system and use the other terminal in there.

Screenshot of TAM gametype (this isn't installed by default): Screenshot spectating ingame:

TAM server pings could look high but I'm also behind a monowall box, that might have something to do with it.

This is me specing in the invasion gametype:

It might sound really simple but for someone just migrating from windows and is a TAM player in UT2004 then this will help.
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Re: I created a post explaining a howto mainly for the gametype TAM in UT2004
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Well well.. maybe I'll see in there sometime. I've been into Urban Terror mostly these days, but still have the ol' Ut2004 installed  :)

Usefull info for those coming from Windows, indeed.

Game ON.....