Author Topic: Claws Mail -- very s-l-o-w connection [SOLVED?]  (Read 4537 times)


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Claws Mail -- very s-l-o-w connection [SOLVED?]
« on: September 07, 2010, 05:04:00 pm »
Most of my email is done on the Internet, but my ISP email address (which I hardly ever use) and my website email address (which I use even less) need some kind of regular pop email client. Claws Mail seems perfect for the job EXCEPT in VectorLinux (for some reason) logging in and out of each account takes almost a full minute. On Thunderbird (and with Claws Mail in Fedora on the same machine) the log in is almost instantaneous. So I was curious what could be putting the monkey in the works. This is not an emergency,  Claws Mail is usable, but it *is* annoying to have this "hitch."

Thanks for any pointers.

For whatever reason, Claws Mail is now working fine. I didn't do anything so, although the problem is solved, I have no idea why.
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